• DongGuan FengGang XinYi Toy Design Department
  • DongGuan FengGang XinYi Toy Design Department
  • DongGuan FengGang XinYi Toy Design Department
  • DongGuan FengGang XinYi Toy Design Department
  • DongGuan FengGang XinYi Toy Design Department
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Since 1924, the birth of the world's first vinyl (ROTOCAST) machine, and successfully produced the first toy "chocolate bunnies" that day, Tangjiaomold force unique destined to will bring a new feel infinite vision of the world. Accompanied by a series of representative works of fashionable and popular, add a colorful color vinyl for traditional entertainment.

Vinyl Doll category is numerous, to present all kinds of classification from the most popular street culture in Hongkong, vinyl has covered every corner of life and entertainment. As is found the famous internationaldesigners to design, so a good baby doll can simply be a work of art. Of course, in any case, they are a popular toy can bring unlimited vitality.

The vinyl toys suitable for mass production, so the market of vinyl toy is a superb collection of beautiful things, but consumers eye. Is generally based on the price to win, go is the flow of currency form. In Chinese to brand operation is relatively small, the famous brands are cool. The underwater world and baby paradise. The production process of vinyl products simple,on the market there are unqualified products, consumers in the purchase of baby toys, should distinguish carefully, such as product smell, goodTangjiao products is not the smell, and poor quality of the products mayhave a pungent smell. To everyone's health, that it is best to choose somebrands to buy.

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